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Intro to Show training

Welcome to learning the show dog

Showing is not for the faint of heart. It is a fun but very hard and competitive sport. 10 yrs in the world I had to take a break and I'm now after 4 yrs finally training another show prospect. So I will only train true dedicated people for show. I do not mind introducing you to the training and if you do not want to do it I will understand, but it takes a lot to make a show dog. They have to learn on stackers and if you want to obedience train them its a challenge to get them to understand the two diff worlds. One teaches a dog do be right by you, while the other says be bold and away from me to stand confident. I will ask you many questions, tell you the time and cost involved and lead you down the starting path. It is best to start you dog as your as you can show breeders start them at 4 weeks and when you get them they are already in training. 5 months and a very social dog can be trained but you more than likely lost your chance if you start out with 1 yr old that has no training to every make it a show dog. If you are coming to me with some show knowledge and and 1 yr old you can still work with them but you may not be showing till adult classes.

Another thing to remember is kids can Junior handle young in UKC and a little older in AKC. So we can teach your child if its there desire on one of my trained dogs to be ready for a show dog.