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About Us


We have 15 yrs of training dogs EXPERIENCE

I have rehabbed dogs and owners to correct aggressive dogs. I have breed boxers & aussie litters (we only stud now). Evaluated puppies for buyers or at 8 weeks old for show prospects. I've never had a returned pup only a few doggy boot camps to send them right back home with manners...lol. I'v trained my own emotional support dog & a mobility service dog ,pictured to the left, when I was in a car accident 2016. Eleven years of AKC and UKC show training experience, worked with pro handlers and Championed my own dogs.  


Generate excitement

I love strong breeds and working with challenging dogs is my favorite. But helping people and there dogs is rewarding. You just have to be willing to learn just as much as your dog. You can even have your kids learn at the same time and show off at a competition...lol. 



We love dogs and love one on one personal training.  We want to give you the joy and happiness we have with our dogs if you train with us!  My foundation male in 2009 with my daughter Ali. He lived to be 11 yrs old and will be in my heart but I have to of his grandsons on Frozen so if you want this wonderful temperament and conformation consider my fawn and reverse brindle male with your female.

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Dog Training Services

ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available

AKC/UKC Boxer Stud dogs Available


We offer one-on-one training with dogs of all ages. We work with puppies, teens, adults and behavior correction. All training is by appointment only. We can meet at locations or meet at PupsPaintball.  We believe that any behavior good, bad, aggression, shyness or over zealous can be worked with. No dog is a lost cause. Sometimes they just need help in the right direction. 

AKC/UKC Boxer Stud dogs Available

ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available

AKC/UKC Boxer Stud dogs Available


We have two wonderful fully health tested AKC boxer males available on frozen. Fully health tested males Echo and doppler clear with one male having OFA Good hips. They are from AKC CH sired male and 3 generations of our lines on the dams side of health testing. 

We used to show but we do not show anymore so we just put them on frozen they live in wonderful homes as pets now. 

ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available

ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available

ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available


We stud have our male Lazarus available for stud hes 5 yr old & 5 proven litters. Located here at PupsPaintball anytime upon request.

He's ASDR Registered 17.5 in tall Australian shepherd Blue Merle Male with marbled eyes. Red factored, MDR1 Clear, PRA Clear, Eye Cert Clear and Good OFA hips available for live breedings. He is registered as a standard but produces minis and standards of all colors. Produced pups pictures can be requested.



ASDR MiniatureAustralian Shepherd Stud Dog Available


Are you having behavior, aggregation, pulling, social anxiety or just need a second option. We  can work with you on learning group behavior or just trying to find out whats going on. We believe all dogs wether intact or not should be in harmony with other dogs.

PS: picture above has 4 intact adult males.

Private Lessons


Private Lessons


*New puppies need simple training or how to quickly house train tips

*Have a dog of any age you want to train or correct behaviors.

*Need to send them to boot camp for a week of training without you or together boot camp 

*Learning show dog training



Private Lessons


Feel free to have many questions, & know that there are no bad or menial question.

*Why does my pups holler in crate?

A: It needs to be shown that a crate is a good place or be crate trained.

*Why does my dog not like other dogs?

A: Normally we can meet the dog and show you why they are exhibiting these manners toward other dogs.

*How do I potty train?

A: Consistency is the key we can teach this.

*Can I teach an older dog new things or break bad habits? Yes 8 wks to 10 yrs they all learn to change. 

We can answer all these and many more.