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About Us & Our Love of NuVet Supplements

10 years and Nuvet is still our go to!

We love NuVet Plus supplement and have stood behind it since 2009. We don't just support it we give it to our dog's daily now that I'm getting aging dogs they're getting more of the NuJoint Plus to help them with the longevity of their life. When we were breeding we required all puppies to have this supplement. The supplement promotes good skin, digestive system, less shedding, better bone growth in pups, and I've seen it through these many years and prove so many health issues, skin problems and hips. We always gave our breeding dogs NuJoint Plus young and we would get better hip ratings. (Just make sure you have them on the new joint from 10 months old to 2 years. you can start on younger but this is the latest that you can start them to actually bring up their hip rating.) Call me with any questions or message me I still love to talk about the supplement because of the success that I had and still have with the 4 dogs still on NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus. I will continue for many many years with this product. 

 Lacy Turpin

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You can go to website or call but both will let you get the auto ship discount. This link is set up with my code for your convenience.


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